documentary: The World According to Monsanto

After watching The World According to Monsanto I felt sick to my stomach, and compelled to change career paths and apply to law school so I can kick some Monsanto butt.  How is it possible that I have not seen this movie before?  Before watching this film I knew some detail about Monsanto’s unethical practices, their influence in the government and about the dangers for GE crops, but I did know about the extent to which Monsanto is taking over food production globally.

As with all documentaries, this film should be taken with a grain of salt (perhaps a salt-rimmed margarita… that would certainly help the message go down). Very good information; very strong opinions about controversial issues like genetic engineering, and biotechnology.  You’ve been warned!

Anyone who has any desire to be a conscientious eater should watch this movie.  Heck, even if you don’t care, still watch this movie! (There is also a book, which I haven’t read yet, but the movie is pretty darn inspiring so if you’re in the mood to kick back, this documentary is a great place to start!)

For your viewing pleasure: free streaming of The World According to Monsanto.

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4 Responses to documentary: The World According to Monsanto

  1. Amy Chouinard says:

    Kari, good for you…we do need to be informed and I will watch this movie thanks to you. Keep up the good work (Lisa’s neighbor).

  2. Kari Pierce says:

    Thanks Amy! I’d be interested to hear what you think, after you watch it!

  3. Mark Ashley says:

    Here’s a little immediate action we can take to help prevent a pro-GMO rider in a Congressional spending bill:

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