Why I love the new food label

More big news in food policy: FDA proposes new and MUCH improved food label laws, bringing current science and clarity to consumers.

Registered Dietician Kelly Toups provides helpful insight into why both of the FDA label suggestions would be a major boon to consumer awareness.

The FDA will be collecting comments on their proposed label designs for the next 90 days. Now is your chance to weigh in!

Kelly Toups, MLA, RD, LDN

Food labels have been long overdue for a make-over. After years of pressure from consumer advocacy groups and health experts, the FDA finally released a proposed new food label. *slow clap*

New Food Label

Why do I love it?

  • Added sugars! While the American Heart Association recommends limiting added sugars to 6 tsp/day for women and 9 tsp/day for men, there was no way to know how much you were getting because added sugars weren’t required to be on labels.
  • Fiber gets redefined: If approved, the “fiber” on a label will reflect only the the intact, unprocessed fiber in whole foods, and exclude purified fibers such as maltodextrin and inulin (which are added to processed foods).
  • Vitamin D and potassium: Requiring these two nutrients (in place of Vitamins A & C) is much more relevant to the health needs of today’s population.
  • No more serving size trickery. Have you ever been able…

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2 Responses to Why I love the new food label

  1. Lisa Ashley says:

    Thanks for re-posting this blog. Good summary and The FDA link is also great. I want to be sure to give feedback to the FDA on the proposed changes. I couldn’t find anywhere on the FDA site to leave comments, so if you find that, please alert me (all of us) to that. This is one area where commenting can have effect, I think.

  2. Kari Pierce says:

    Hi Lisa,
    You’re right, it is a little difficult to find the comments section. If you go to the official federal register of the proposed rule, there is a green link at the top right that says “Submit a Formal Comment.” I believe this is the place. Here’s a link to the proposal: https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2014/02/26/2014-04100/local-school-wellness-policy-implementation-under-the-healthy-hunger-free-kids-act-of-2010#h-8

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