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Relax, it’s just cabbage! How to make sauerkraut

The beauty of sauerkraut is there is no wrong way to make it.  Green cabbage or red, classic or creative, this traditional ferment is a cinch to put together and packed with nutrients.  The hardest part is waiting for it … Continue reading

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Conventional, Organic, IPM: making sense of labels

Grocery shopping can be a confusing process if you are someone who is trying to be health/eco conscious.  Labels are intentionally misleading, and label laws can be downright silly.  There are federal and third party certifications for a million things … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of a Lucky Northwesterner

It’s true, I mention it more often than I probably should.  But the fact is, I love where I am from.  The Puget Sound is a beautiful, low-key (albeit rainy) part of the country, and I miss a million things … Continue reading

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A Culinary Reunion: The Pierce’s Come to Boston

“What are you guys thinking of ordering?” “I don’t know! Listen to this: ‘crispy skin duck breast with brown butter farro, shaved brussels sprouts and pomegranate and pistachio relish, and pomegranate molasses reduction’. I might have to get that. But … Continue reading

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Spring break in snowy Boston

Last week was Spring Break, only there was snow on the ground and I was stuck at work.  Mulling over the lack of a break, and the lack of Spring, in my Spring Break, I made a very quick realization: … Continue reading

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A Night In: capellini alla vodka

This past Christmas 2012, Cooper and I were able to fly home for a week to see our families, and to recover from city living in the quiet green beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  This was a week of incredible … Continue reading

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Inspired by the Alice B. Toklas Cookbook

The Pierce approach to family time is emblematic; we bring to the affair a bantering liveliness, and a hunger that can only really be achieved when we are together, in the kitchen.  Drinking wine.  By the Pierce family I mean … Continue reading

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